• Ros

    Hi, I have just installed Glassbrick on a laptop and it is running but I can’t get the magnification to work. The Tilde button isn’t responding either.. I have tried restarting computer as well….any ideas?

  • Usnan Rofiq


  • royci

    Yes it seems to be this project now past tense, same issues, just uninstalled.

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Glassbrick works in windows 10.

      • http://www.freakow.com Breno Azevedo

        I’m using it in Windows 10, no problem. It just doesn’t seem to recognize the full width of a 2560×1440 desktop, meaning ‘clamp mode’ doesn’t work properly at the bottom-right corner – without clamp it’s fine, just weird when zooming out real quick, no big deal but it wiggles the screen a little. Other than that, it’s just amazing, thanks.

  • yut951121

    Am I not supposed to use this in Windows 10? I bought it few days ago and after installing Anniversary Update it closes(crashses?) after a few seconds of launching.

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Glassbrick works in windows 10

      • yut951121

        Bitdefender is very suspicious about your software. Maybe you should contact them. Also please digitally sign all of executables and installed version would be so nice.

  • Jose Rafael Perez Balen

    There seems to be a bug with Overwatch. If I don’t close Glassbrick before opening Overwatrch, I get no pointer in Overwatch.

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      This happens in every game when in fullscreen mode. You can fix this by changing the graphics settings from fullscreen to borderless windowed mode.

      • Jose Rafael Perez Balen

        Thanks. I’ll give it a try.
        But in my experience, borderless window will not give the same framerate as full screen.

  • Eric Hansen

    Very odd problem: Found, tried and liked Glassbrick last night. Placed 64-bit version in my util folder (c:util). Setup settings and used it for about an hour. This AM it’s gone. No hidden version in directory but trying to copy it there again is denied unless I rename it first? Anti-virus it temporarily disabled, same result. Elevated command prompt has same result.

    If I run renamed, it it will run for about 30 seconds and then be gone, and that new name will also no longer be usable! As if it exists at that location still but doesn’t show up as hidden, system, anything…

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Very strange. Is there any other location this happens?

  • Eric Hansen

    Feature Request: It would be great if there were a way to setup a predefined zoom level and region and then give that a Key-Stroke. I’m constantly working between no zoom and a particular zoom level (2x) around one window. The zoomed area isn’t exactly the window’s area, but it is always the same area on the screen. So if there were a way to zoom and and then save the current zoom info to a preset, and then add a hot-key for a preset it would save me lots of zooming and panning back to the zoom window I need. Thoughts?

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      This is actually possible. Yet a little trick to set up.

      1. Re download Glassbrick to make sure you have the latest version.

      2. Set your tracking mode to “When zoom key combo is held” and uncheck Push Edge

      3. Zoom to the position and zoom level you want then Use the “Zoom On/Off” Key Combo to zoom out and in. Glassbrick should zoom back to the position you were at.

  • Francesco Militello

    Is there a docked version? if it is I buy it right now. My low-vision friend can’t use this type of zoom. Please.

    • Francesco Militello

      thanks for the reply. :(

  • Conzeit

    I really want something like this, just being able to zoom and click around at will.
    Horkey just doesnt work for me. Ctrl+scroll wheel does nothing. Just regular zooming in while on browsers, or writing programs, just as if Glassbrick wasnt running.

    I changed the shortcut to windows key+scroll wheel and it still wont work.

    I tried keyboard shortcuts and still no dice.

    I dont know why it just wont work

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Is your desktop theme set to one of the newer shinier themes. If you send a screenshot I can let you know if you are using a valid theme.

  • yut951121

    I’m done with this software. See ya.

  • Brandon Sims

    I recently purchased this product but I’m unable to get it to run on two different Windows 7 Professional desktops, one x86 and the other x64. It runs fine on my laptop which is Windows 7 Pro x64 but on the desktops, the program opens into the system tray but then will not actually launch into zoom mode. Any advice?

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Make sure the computer is using to newer shinier theme. If this doesn’t work please send a screenshot so I can see if I can help.

  • John Doe

    Works great! Had an issue where it wouldn’t work in the classic theme for win7 but I’ve decided to use the default theme since my main issue with it was the lack of color adjustment and the default magnifier being a clunky mess.

    This is a magnificent program and is LEAGUE’S ahead of Microsofts insulting excuse of a magnifier. There are some issues with key binding like not being able to use extra mouse buttons but it’s no big deal. Definitely would recommend to anyone with a visual impairment.

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      The windows default magnifier is a bare bones magnifier which is clunky and not very intuitive to use. Glassbrick was developed to make up for this.

      Glassbrick uses the same method to do fullscreen zooming as the default magnifier. This method required a newer theme rendering to work as smoothly as it does and that’s why it wont work correctly in the old themes.

  • reefer_madness

    This app is very slick. Love the crisp image quality and mouse tracking. Any chance you could allow the window size and location to be set? I use 2 monitors and only want the magnifier on one.

  • Adi Dinar

    Track typing is not working for me. The track typing setting is marked. Am I missing someting in the settings?

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Unfortunately typing tracking doesn’t work in all apps. Mostly in the ones default to windows e.g. notepad or internet explorer.

  • Fred

    Can i save my settings and have the same settings *and the application( run automatically each time I open my PC? Right now, I have to set the settings each time, and first I have to go to the folder and launch the app.

  • Leon

    This is great thank you for putting this out there. Having a few bugs on my system(Windows 10 Pro V1703), clicking randomly doesn’t work. drop downs, check boxes and even application close buttons. turning off zoom allows me to click and turning it back on and gets me rolling again. Also tracking lag isn’t great but speeding it up all the way helps a bit. As someone mentioned before it would be good to get a digital signature on this maybe put this out on the windows store? Do you have a bug tracking page or open source repo? In any case great work and thanks for putting out a decent alternative to ZoomText which has been overcharging for decades.

  • Antfs TEN

    Will this work for full screen applications? Also is it possible to make it soon at the center of the screen only and not at the mouse? If so then I will consider buying

    • http://www.glassbrick.org Glassbrick

      Glassbrick wont work in exclusive fullscreen mode. Borderless Windowed mode in games is becoming more common these days. Check out this comment where I explain how to zoom in to a section of screen. http://disq.us/p/1l4jv5a